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Commissioning Services

  •   Asset and component registry for various asset installations
  •   Logical and functional description of assets and components, and interoperability
  •   Embedded properties and parameters for design requirements, capacity, and performance
  •   Creation of procedures, manuals, and product data sheets
  •   Comprehensive report on component and system lifecycle


The commissioning process is hard to get right. With a complex building with a lot of technology and systems that need to interoperate there are thousands of checks, tests and fine tunings that needs to be performed as a continuing process. It is generally challenging to keep track of the responsibilities, statuses and results of all these tasks. Deviations and issues needs to be communicated between the trades, resolved, verified and brought to closure.

The owner needs to take an active part in this process and there is a big risk of miscommunication. It is hard to get an overview of the status and the result of tweaking one setting will affect another. It is hard to capture knowledge from the field and transfer it to the people that will later operate the asset.


Atlantic Plumbing Redevelopment

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital Medical Office Building IV

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping