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Who We Are

BIM Engineering US is a global industry leader in BIM services. We work with the latest platforms and technology to serve our clients with the highest order of quality and building efficiency. As a client-centric company we believe in constant innovations through BIM technologies. Our optimized BIM workflow makes it possible for us to propose cutting-edge solutions in the AEC industry. Through absolute technical expertise and experience, BIM Engineering US has become a fast-paced engineering firm that offers the right set of phases, tools, and services to create seamless transitions as the project moves from design to planning, and construction to operation. That's our goal, we are completely merited for high-end construction applications. We believe in giving our clients an experience in project delivery before the actual building is constructed through high-end model visualizations. We delve towards positive urbanization & global competition through efficient federated processes, augmented efficiency in design, and data optimization. BIM Engineering US has gained extensive experience and traction whilst working on tier-5 projects through greater interoperability and high-class project delivery solutions and services. We use the best software and proprietary tools to deliver high-end detailed results for our clients, and also leverage a team of highly skilled and qualified BIM experts for point-to-point solutions for various construction verticals viz. Residential, Commercial, Government, Oil & Gas & more.

Our Difference

Our work approach moves through various delivery solutions wherein we integrate phases, tools, and services to provide a comprehensive BIM package for design, pre-construction, facility operation, and more. BIM Engineering US deploys state-of-the-art tools like VR/ AR, Laser scanners, QR codes and more to facilitate and drive the robust BIM process towards successful and efficient project completion. Our service offerings are one-of-a-kind, as we give our clients the option to get things done "under one roof” through a comprehensive suite of fast-paced services that includes MEP coordination services, Point Cloud Scanning, MEP Engineering Services, Take Off's and more. We are known for our abilities to deliver projects through quick turnaround times, and on-budget, that makes us stand apart from the competition.


One BIM Team, One Model, One Solution At The Center

As BIM adoption and integration continues to evolve in the industry, its integration into the organizations creates new challenges of lost ROI due to limited skill availability, lack of domain knowledge (only software skills) and duplication of models in the industry.

Our abstract tries to present the next phase of BIM workflow will evolve where BIM is not an added feature to existing trades/consultants/contractors, but it will be a standalone and independent trade. Since BIM has its own process, talent, liabilities, skills, tools and process, it only makes sense to declare BIM community as its own trade.

Just like an architect or Engineer is responsible for designing the systems/elements and participate in all phases, a BIM consultant will be responsible for digital content and participate across all phases.

AEC and FM industry has a linear workflow, where BIM data is created at each phase limited to certain scope. When BIM data is transferred either the data is inadequate or limited to meet the need of next phase. Most of the time the data is transferred where the data creators take no liability for the data, this especially happens during changing hands; design to pre-construction, design to construction and construction to FM/As-built. Unfortunately, this only creates multiple duplication and limited quality of data. Thus, ultimately the Owner pays for the duplication and get limited data at the end.

Why does this happen?

First, let's understand that within BIM the skill sets are significantly different.

  • 1. A Modeler might not have any industry experience and is just a software expert.
  • 2. Within the BIM world, there are multiple software's. Each BIM personal very rarely is skilled in all tools.
  • We have three main domains within BIM tool sets, As-built survery model makers, authoring modeleres, and federated model maker. Typically, BIM personal is only involved in one tool set
  • Each BIM modeler creates limited BIM data as needed to satisfy their need or skill level

In most cases, becasue the contracts are written to include BIM, the design organizations are required to create data to fulfill their requirements. Very limited 3D coordination, constructability, fabrication, logistic planning and scheduling and facilities management data is provided.

New Approach

We always recommend that at LOD 300 level BIM management has to be an isolated team responsibility. This team prepares models and integrates and manages the models between design/construction/FM team. The model at the center and AEC teams in interacting as needed. We now know that when the model moves between parties its applications are minimized and cost goes up due to duplication. This team manages models LOD 300 and up, will link submittals and data, manages constructablility decision, clash detection and rework, fabrication ready, field read, etc.

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