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BIM for Prefabrication & Fabrication

The adoption of BIM has become a mandate for the construction installation industry. BIMENGUS provides professional BIM fabrication and pre-fabrication services for various construction verticals. Prefabrication services have promising outcomes to improve productivity, increase ROI, save time, and boost profitability.

At BIMENGUS, we provide professional BIM modeling and drawing services for the AEC industry using high-end software like Revit, we pride our services on delivering outstanding Fabrication and Pre-Fabrication support for our clients. Our skilled workforce draws out extremely accurate shop and fabrication drawings across various trades.

Our service deliverables include

  • BIM Pre-fabrication services
  • BIM fabrication integration
  • 3D and 4D BIM models
  • Accurate BIM Drafting Services
  • 4D Construction Planning
  • Fabrication and Pre-fabrication productivity
  • Pre-fabrication spool drawings
  • MEP Construction Services
  • MEP CAD drawings

Using coordinated models, critical and complex runs were prefabricated off site to increase efficiency and quality.

1. As-Built Conditions
1. Cordinated Model
2 .As-Built Conditions
2. Cordinated Model


MEP Modelling Services
BIM Coordination services

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