Experts Team

Chetan Mogal


Matthew Reid

BIM Manager

More than a decade of experience and expertise in Mechanical, Plumbing and the General Contracting industry. “BIM Engineering U.S” is created to cater to the demanding technological advances of the construction industry.

Areas of expertise : 3D Intelligent Modeling, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), BIM for coordination, BIM for Facilities Management, 4D scheduling, fabrication and shop drawings, 5D Cost Estimation, 6D BIM Facility Management. BIM E will help you to successfully utilize the full potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for efficient project delivery, timely project completion and resulting cost savings for your project.

Custom Process for every client based on their individual needs, giving them the best value without compromising quality.

3rd Party BIM Model Auditing

BIM Modeling Auditing Services from BIMENGUS provides owners and various stakeholders corroboration to approve BIM models for enhanced precision & sustainability in Building Information Modeling.

As BIM experts, we evaluate the level of detail for your project models against certain specifics of your project .Upon completion, we deliver a comprehensive report of your BIM model based on industry standards and model enhancements.

Our auditing process encapsulates following steps

1. Document Review
2. Model integrity & accuracy verification aganist the design intent
3. Design confirmation & Validation
4. Review of LOD aganist scope of objective & design function
5. Check model conformity with the generated 2D drawings
6. Model checking auditing (Space)
7. Clash Audit
8. BIM model audit Schedule


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Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital Medical Office Building IV

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping