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Data Analysis
Condition Assessment
Existing Data Digitization
Data Interlinking
New Data Gathering - Laser Scanning & Point cloud Modeling
EAM-CMMS-Data Integration & Training



Atlantic Plumbing Redevelopment

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital Medical Office Building IV

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

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Facilities Management

Facilities Management – Model BASED Approach & Point Cloud Modeling

Hyperlinking as built documents, integrating QR codes, deploying them in the existing building and generating a point cloud model of the building in shared cloud portal for most cutting edge Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities Management – BIM Based Approach- Uses
Uses or benefits of BIM based Facilities Management

  • 1. Ease of asset and Facility Management
  • 2. CAD-Based Inspection
  • 3. Dimensional Analysis
  • 4. Large Part Inspection
  • 5. Machine Calibration
  • 6. Reverse Engineering
  • 7. Robot Calibration
  • 8. Tool Building & Setup
  • 9. Virtual Simulation
Facilities Management
STEP 1 Scanning & Digitization - 3D Laser Scanning Of Existing Building

3D Laser Scanning

  • Using laser technology scan existing building
faro camera

Point Clouds

  • Create model based on point clouds and get real time building model
point cloud

Point Clouds Datapoints

point cloud data point

Scan To Bim

scan to bim

Revit Based Conversion And Update

Revit Base update

STEP 2 Scan As Built Documents And Latest Drawings

As built drawings

  • Scan as built drawings and create a its hyperlink

Latest contract documents & RFI

  • Scan the most updated contract documents with RFIs covered and marked up
STEP 2 Scan Submittals, O & M Manuals, Part List, Warranties

Submittals & O & M Manuals

  • Scan and tag all the O&M manuals with the submittal

Existing Part list

  • Scan the existing part list and tag it to the submittal

Warranty Certificates

  • Scan existing contract drawing s as per latest, RFIs, markups etc.
STEP 2 Scan Commissioning Reports, Pre Functional Checklists, Punch Lists

Commissioning Reports

  • Reports from commissioning or equipment

Pre Functional Checklist

  • Integrate the pre function checklist

Punch list

  • Insert all completed punch list items
STEP 2 Scan Building Pictures, Videos, Tickets And Maintenance Contact

JOB Pictures

  • Insert all videos, pictures and tag them to integrate with documents in the cloud portal


  • Scan existing tickets or templates etc. if any


Maintenance contact

  • Scan and insert maintenance contact for Facilities Management

STEP 3 Asset & Data Interlinking

QR on Build Equipment

  • Tag the location of the equipment on drawings to its submittal

Qr Code & hyperlinks

  • Create QR Code For Each Submittal And Hyperlink To Cloud Portal

Work in Less time

  • All Information In One Place With One Click


Integrate QR Code And Digital Data

  • Establish the BIM model with as built data integrated through QR codes and hyperlinking of Facilities Management data

STEP 3 Digital Data Storage – Cloud Portal Upload