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4d Scheduling

BIMENGUS delivers highly accurate 4D models for contractors, owners, architects, and designers to picture out precise event scheduling and project progress through the entire lifecycle of the project. Our BIM models are used to illustrate Quantities and phasing outputs, clients can leverage our 4D schedule from 3D BIM models and a Critical Path Method(CPM).

The preparation cost of a 4D schedule provides significant long-term benefits for major stakeholders. We are a full-service construction engineering firm that provides top-notch 4D scheduling services through schedule management, risk analysis, and change management. As Revit and Navisworks experts, we generate high quality visuals in the form of 4D videos that help stakeholders allocate optimum project resources.

Our service deliverables include

  • Accurate 4D Simulations
  • Generate Baseline Schedules
  • Plan Logistics
  • Public Relations
  • Various What-If Scenarios
  • Generate and Analyze Clash Reports
  • 3D models to 4D construction schedules
  • 4D Simulations


Atlantic Plumbing Redevelopment

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping

INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital Medical Office Building IV

Plumbing Fire Protection Electrical Mechanical Piping