Resource Augementation Services

RAS Team

Matthew Reid

US Head, BIM Manager


BIMe, HQ in Leesburg VA has been providing BIM, MEP Engineering, and Constructability services in US since 2014. BIMe is starting RAS partnership programs extending our experience processes and teams to the AEC industry. We are Autodesk Partners with Robust training program and project delivery systems with experience resources working round the clock to serve our clients across the globe.


Head Quartered in US

Good Reference with Clients Across Globe

Ensuring Technical Advantages

Scalable Resources

Flexible Engagement Models

The Need

Technical Expertise

Quality Assurance

Project Coordination

Resource Management

Data Protection



Extended Office- Dedicated Team for you Projects

Month-Month Resource Engagements

No Hassles for Hiring

Ability to Scale and Ramp Resources

Dedicated Servers & High Bandwidth Internet

Secured Data Systems

Robust Training Model

Simplified Accounting - Easy review report for billed hours with Transparent Financial Model

Benefits of BIMe RAS

Reduced Infrastructure Cost

Reduced Overhead (Recruitment Administration)

Faster turn-around time

Ability to Maintain Low-Cost buffer to Meet Staff turnover

Industry Ready Professionals

Creation of Globally deployable resource pool

How it Works?