Electrical Shop Drawings
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Plumbing Shop Drawings - Overheads
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Sheet Metal Shop Drawings
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Construction Industry Problems & Solutions

As per the USA government census of March 2014, the world’s construction industry has spent around $3.2 trillion dollars in the construction industry alone for the years 2012-2014. Challenges of this booming construction industry such as time, cost, and quality are being addressed by new emerging technologies such as Building Information Modeling and Coordination that has helped tremendously in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the building. At BIM Engineering U.S. we are pioneering these new technologies and addressing the Construction Industry’s challenges at every stage of the project.

BIM Modeling, Coordination, Fabrication Services

  • 3D Intelligent Modeling conversion of CAD to Revit, construction drawing extraction from BIM
  • LOD 100 to 500 BIM Modeling for Structure, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Fire Protection, Architecture
  • BIM Modeling for Clash Detection and Coordination Issues
  • BIM Model Validation, Auditing Services
  • BIM Modeling for Fabrication and Spool Drawings
  • Production of coordinated Shop Drawings
  • Revision and updates of models based on changes and RFIs.
  • Process based approach to BIM development.

BIM for Pre Construction Services

  • Development of BIM Execution Plan
  • COBie for Data Collection and Information Exchange
  • Content Management
  • BIM Constructability Review
  • Analysis of structural components along with MEP systems.
  • BIM Value Engineering
  • 4D Scheduling
  • 5D Cost Estimation - BIM model complete with specified quantities, materials, and schedules for quantity take off/estimates, energy calculations for preconstruction analysis

Our Difference

Smart Project Management

  • Gives you a complete control over your project. User-friendly interface
  • Shows everything you need to know at a glance. Keeps you up to date with recent activities on all projects.
  • Allows you to review the progress of your project from your mobile devices, tablets, desktops, etc
  • Makes it easier to communicate, manage changes, schedule milestone, and assign tasks online.

Our Process

  • Our ‘Custom Process’ involves understanding of each trade and its critical elements, important areas of the buildings, restrictions, heights, etc. before starting the model.
  • We avoid using generic models & families. Our experience states that using generic models sometimes creates constructability issues in the field
  • We have developed our specific families from manufacturer data and specifications which helps us to give realistic sizes. This is very important especially when it come to MEP.
  • We believe that delivering quality product takes more than knowing how to model. We hire engineers that know modeling and train them in industry standards, codes and constructability.

Steps Included